About Us


About The Everything Depot:

 The Everything Depot was inspired to be one of the biggest family e-commerce retailers out there, we believe all our customers belong to our one giant family and we treat them as such.

While other companies might only want to sell you stuff, we want you to win as much as we want ourselves to win. That is why, we have our price match guarantee policy and our product quality guarantee. 

We are a 100% online based store, that way we are able to run the business more efficiently than if it was a brick and mortar store, and since we don’t have to pay rent & electricity we have huge savings which we pass on to our customers. 

At The Everything Depot, we combine convenient free shipping, easy returns, and rock bottom pricing with the absolute best customer service in the industry. We treat you like our family, anything you need at all! Do not hesitate to call us. We go above and beyond for our customers!

Anything you need, ANYTHING AT ALL please let us know and our team will dedicate a representative for you that will provide you with their undivided attention so we can meet your every demand. 

We value honesty and transparency, that’s how we operate and that’s how we intend to treat everyone. 



Our Story

 Owners G & Mike, were just 2 broke college kids with a dream and $20 in their pocket. They wanted to build an online store that people could feel at ease in, that would bring joy and love to those that shopped there and joy to those that worked in the store.

 Our goal was to create the most hassle free and easy shopping experience for our customers. We failed several times, going through multiple iterations and finally found something that worked. We created the everything depot on our previous failures, providing a seamless customer service experience at all hours of the day. Creating orders detailed specifically to customers and changing our entire operations to fit the needs of every individual customer. 

We wanted to build a store from which we ourselves would love to buy items from every day. 

 A store where everything would be available at your fingerprints. Hence The Everything Depot!


We believe Customer Service is KING!

Everyone can build a store and stock products but its the unique experience that you provide that makes it different from others. 

We have dedicated US customer service representatives available at your beck and call, here to make your life much much easier. 

Owners G & Mike thank you for stopping by, and we invite you to make yourself at home!


Business Contact Information

Phone: 833-247-2926

Email: support@theeverythingdepot.com

Locations: Our products ship from various parts of the US, we have warehouses across the country.